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Published 18th February 2021

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Understanding human behaviour and mental processes, whether our own or those belonging to others, is essential if we want to make better decisions and lead happier lives. Why do we feel certain emotions in specific situations? Why do we behave in particular ways? And what can we do to overcome the things that hold us back? Delve into the world of psychology and build a better relationship with your mind. Learn how to be kind to it, unlock its full potential and use it to your advantage. In the third volume of Psychology Now, we explore 10 common mind tricks, how to break bad habits, the science behind love, the benefits of adult play, the human need to belong, and how to increase willpower. We consider ways to improve our mental health, such as overcoming jealousy, abandoning perfectionism, embracing low-maintenance friends, and achieving forgiveness. We also look at the psychology behind concepts such as anticipation, false memories, escapism and past lives, and step inside the minds of anti-vaxxers. Packed full of expert guidance from psychologists, counsellors and other professionals, we also speak exclusively to Kelle Bryan about the importance of talking about racism, and delve deep into the psychology of it. The mind is a powerful tool. Learn how to take control of your own mind today for a happier, healthier tomorrow.

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