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How It Works is a fact-packed science and technology magazine where your burning questions about how the world ticks get answered.

Save 23% when you buy this How It Works 3 month bundle which includes 3 issues. Limited stock available!


This pack includes How It Works Issues 144/145/146


How It Works Issue 144

We explain over 20 of the world's creepiest curiosities, including: why we have nightmares, whether another person is wearing your face, and is your phones eavesdropping on you? Also this issue: we speak to two Coronavirus scientists from the UK's biggest test lab, learn about the Salem Witch trials, how vampire plants suck the life from their leafy neighbours, discover the spooky celestial objects in space and much more.


How It Works Issue 145

We're going Back to the Moon in issue 145, as we explore the technology and training behind the 2024 mission that's NASA's most ambitious since Apollo. Also: how animals see in the dark, underwater city of the pharaohs, hypernova power, meet the inventor of GPS, and why is fracking so bad?


How It Works Issue 146

Looking forward to a bright new world in 2021? In this issue of How It Works magazine, we're looking ahead to the hottest developments in science and technology, including: the launch of NASA's JWST - the deepest-looking space telescope ever, a man-made meteor shower, robots at the Summer Olympics, and a rare emergence of cicadas, millions-strong as Brood X hatches. 


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