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Retro Gamer Issue 218
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What's Inside?

Published 18th March


The latest Retro Gamer has us feeling nostalgic for the Nineties – gaming’s most interesting and transformative era. Our huge 14-page feature examines all the key aspects of the decade, from its varied hardware to the rise of the PC, the focus on gaming mascots and the handheld war that was started by Nintendo’s Game Boy. We also chat to David Crane about Pitfall!’s evolution, quiz David Darling about BMX Simulator and chat to David Doak about the history of TimeSplitters



Back To The Nineties

We look at the hardware and events that shaped this tumultuous decade, from the rise of PCs, the huge handheld war of the era, its many animal mascots and the point that gaming went mainstream


The Making Of

This issue sees us chatting to David Darling about BMX Simulator, Codemasters’ very first videogame. We also speak to Hifumi Kono about the Super Famicom survival horror, Clock Tower and discover how the Amiga strategy game Starlord was created


The Evolution Of Pitfall!

David Crane looks back at his popular Atari 2600 platformer and reveals how it influenced his later licensed games


Ultimate Guide

This month we revisit the Mega Drive RPG, Buck Rogers: Countdown To Doomsday and reveal everything great about Sega’s Saturn crossover, Fighters Megamix


The History Of TimeSplitters

David Doak talks about the early days of Free Radical Design and the difficulties of following up the iconic first-person shooters GoldenEye and Perfect Dark


And much more including…

Capcom Arcade Stadium, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, The New Zealand Story, Contra Spirits, Final Fantasy VII, Mega Drive RPGs, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Ghosts ‘N Goblins Resurrected

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