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Dream Journal (2nd Edition)
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Published 10th June 2021

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Dreams are incredibly fascinating things. We all dream in different ways with varying levels of detail and realism. They can be erratic, unpredictable and wonderfully weird. They give us a glimpse into our own subconscious and sometimes highlight feelings that we didn’t realise we had. 

This dream journal is here to guide you on a path to reflection, self evaluation and being more mindful. Learn more about what dreaming is and use the dream diary to record and reflect on your dreams. Freeing your mind will help you to sleep better and stop worrying about the demons that you might encounter when you drift off.

We have ended this journal with a dream A-Z with a difference. Use it as a guide to help you reflect on yourself and your dreams. Remember dreams are never completely black and white, and they need to be carefully considered. A dream that means one thing to you, might mean something completely different to someone else, so make sure you consider who you are and how you feel before taking certain interpretations too literally. Always keep yourself at the forefront of your mind. 

Putting your thoughts on paper regularly requires you to be reflective, and this often translates into your everyday life. Being more reflective in general life will help you to process your emotions more effectively, and ultimately guide you towards approaching things in a more considered way. There is no rule on how you should work through this journal; you can record your dreams every day, every week or just when you feel like you really want to. The thing that matters most is that you use it in the way that works best for you, and that you embrace this dream reflection to encourage positive shifts in your life.

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