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Published 10th June 2021

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It is the summer of 1940 and Europe is on its knees. Using its now infamous ‘blitzkrieg’ tactics, Nazi Germany has stormed across the continent, annihilating every army sent to face it and carving a path from Warsaw to the Channel coast. Only Britain, a small island nation whose own forces only narrowly escaped destruction at Dunkirk, remains standing against a seemingly unstoppable war machine. Victory for the Third Reich is tantalisingly close, the Luftwaffe poised to crush the RAF and clear the way for a full-scale invasion. The Battle of Britain will decide the war in the West and force the world to acknowledge Germany’s supremacy. Or will it?

In this bookazine you will climb into the cockpit of the iconic aircraft that defined the battle and take to the skies with the brave pilots who dared to stand against the mighty Luftwaffe. You will also meet the tireless men and women who worked relentlessly to keep Britain’s fighters flying and chart the dives and dogfights that helped to turn the tide of the war.

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