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History's Greatest Warriors (2nd Edition)
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Published 8th July 2021

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Human history has all too often been scarred by violence episodes of savagery that have provided skilled warriors with the opportunity to change the course of events. The crucible of war has given rise to the legacies of ferocious fighters such as Cassius Scaeva, who lost an eye yet fought on under a shower of arrows, William Marshal, a medieval knight who wages war for five English monarchs, and Michael Ney, Napoleon's recklessly brave cavalryman. In this bookazine you'll discover how some of the most formidable soldiers of antiquity hones their skills and slashed their way into the annals. You will also have the chance to immerse yourself in the methods of armies from Ancient Rome to Mongolia, walk through the carnage of bloody battlefields and see some of history's most lethal weapons from the sharp end. Let battle commence!

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