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Published 22nd July 2021

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When Elizabeth I passed away in March 1603, her nation mourned the passing of their loyal and virtuous queen, but held their hopes high for her successor, King James VI of Scotland. In time, the optimism that came with the dawn of this new dynasty faded, and in its place came nostalgia for the Golden Age over which the Tudor queen had reigned. 

In the centuries that have passed, the legend of Gloriana has grown and she is championed as one of England’s greatest monarchs, saving her country from the brink of invasion and remaining steadfastly dedicated to her people above any man. 

But in life, Queen Elizabeth I wasn’t quite the saintly figure history cracks her up to be. Instead, her reign was defined by rebellion, rumours and scandal. In the Book of Elizabeth I, find out how she came inches from execution during her sister’s reign, uncover the whispers of unworthy lovers that dogged her throughout her life and discover whether Elizabeth’s religious policy was enough to calm Protestant and Catholic alike.

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