• Feefo 16,000+ 5-star reviews
  • Feefo 16,000+ 5-star reviews
  • Feefo 16,000+ 5-star reviews
  • Feefo 16,000+ 5-star reviews
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Published 6th January 2022


Some men are born to change the world. Others are born to shape it to their indomitable will. Napoleon Bonaparte was one such man. The son of a minor Corsican family, he would rise through the ranks at the speed of a cannonball, emulating the great military minds before him to save a revolution, lead the Grand Armee to numerous stunning victories and ultimately seize total power by taking the throne of France. When it came, his final undoing proved no less spectacular, a daring roll of the dice too far that condemned him to death in exile. This is the story of one of history's most dynamic and ambitious rulers.

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