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Published 17th March 2022

Have you ever seen a ghost? This bookazine is packed with spooks, spectres, and horrible hauntings! Discover the history of ghost beliefs from the ancient world to the present day. Find out why people believe in ghosts, and the possible scientific explanations behind haunted houses, spectral lights, scary sounds, and spooky apparitions. Explore hoaxes and horrors from some of the world’s most eerie locations, and delve into stories of the phantoms, wraiths and spirits that are thought to frequent them. Learn about the legends and folklore that surround ghost beliefs around the world, from famous figures like headless horsemen to tragic tales of the colourful and ethereal ladies that haunt woods, castles and stately homes. Plus, check out modern-day phantasms, possessions and poltergeists, and the paranormal investigators who use traditional spiritual techniques as well as today’s technology to establish whether there really are spectral presences from beyond the veil troubling homes, offices, public buildings, families and communities to this day.

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