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Stay Young With Yoga
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Published 17th March 2022


Does your body feel stiff and creaky when you wake up in the morning? Have you noticed frown lines on your face or weight gain around your middle? Or perhaps you forget where you left your keys or find it hard to sleep well at night. The signs of ageing creep up on us all, meaning we sometimes don’t feel as fit, focused and energetic as we’d like. Well, yoga can help. This ancient system of mind and body exercise is now medically proven to offer anti-ageing benefits. If yoga came as a pill, it’s likely doctors would prescribe it to keep us fit, young and healthy! The unique series of postures cleverly tunes all your body’s systems, balancing hormones, cleansing toxins, protecting your heart and rejuvenating your mind, as well as strengthening and stretching every part of your body. By building a regular practice and including poses to target your goals, you can devise an effective, anti-ageing yoga programme. Stay Young with Yoga is your perfect guide. With expert advice and step-by-step instruction, you’ll discover the benefits, learn the foundations and then experience the incredible rewards as you practise the stay-young sequences, stretches and breathing exercises.

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