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Retro Gamer March 2022 Issue 231
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What's Inside?

Published 17th March 2022


Get the lowdown on The A500 Mini, an exciting new miniature system from Retro Games Ltd which is bringing the Amiga 500 to the masses in a brand-new way. We also explore the history of After Burner, discover how Metropolis Street Racer transformed into Project Gotham Racing and delve behind the scenes of God Of War

Inside The A500 Mini
Chris Smith and Darren Melbourne explain the difficulties and challenges Retro Games Ltd has faced during the production of The A500 Mini, a brand-new miniature system that includes 25 classic Amiga games

The History Of
We chat to numerous developers who have been involved in Sega’s popular arcade franchise. From converting the smash hit to weaker home computers, to capturing the thrill of the series on the Game Boy Advance and PSP

The Evolution Of
Martyn Chudley reveals how Microsoft’s desire for a Metropolis Street Racer sequel led to a brand-new racing series being made

The Making Of
This month we go behind the scenes of God Of War with David Jaffe and learn how a bunch of teenagers crafted Sir Lancelot, an entertaining Manic Miner clone for the 16K Spectrum

Studio Profile
Double Fine Productions recently turned 20, so we chatted to Tim Schafer about the last two decades and finding a home at Microsoft

And much more including…
Egret II Mini, Sabre Wulf, CJ The Elephant, NES Controller, Robocop, David Lubar, Alien Soldier, Cotton, Kirby: Power Paintbrush, Super Scope, Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

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