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How It Works Annual Volume 14 (2024)

What's Inside?

Welcome to the How It Works Annual volume 14, a carefully curated compilation of our favourite new How It Works features. It’s packed with the eye-catching illustrations, expert interviews, and mind-blowing facts that regular How It Works readers enjoy every month.

This past year has seen some incredible developments across the six categories that make up this annual - science, environment, technology, history, space, and transport. Learn about the latest devepments in artifical intelligence and how AI chatbots work, and discover what would happen to you, the Earth and indeed, the universe if there was no gravity.

Find out what Britain’s crown jewels are really worth, take a test to see if you’re smarter than the How It Works team, follow the journey your poo takes from flush to the treatment plant, learn about the different forces that prompt life on Earth to evolve, see inside a pinball machine, discover how some jet aircraft can take-off vertically, and much more.

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