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What if alternative history WW2

What's Inside?

Six years of fighting, more than 50 million dead, spanning three continents and two of the world’s largest oceans, and up to 70 nations involved – World War II was the biggest and bloodiest conflict the world has ever seen. We all know how things turned out in the end, but have you ever stopped to think about what might have been if key battles, decisions or events had taken a different course? In this special World War II edition of What if… Book of Alternative History we speak to experts to try to uncover how events may have unfolded if some of these key moments had turned out differently. Covering everything from the run-up to the war to key battles, strategic decisions and the post-war fallout, read on to find out how the world would have looked if the Allies had lost or Stalin had continued west after Berlin, what would have become of Hitler had he not committed suicide, and how a Japanese victory at Midway would have impacted the war in the Pacific. We also explore what might have happened if Churchill’s Operation Unthinkable had become a reality, the impact an Allied failure on D-Day might have had on the outcome of the war and what might have been for Great Britain had Hitler gone ahead with his invasion plans, as well as what might have happened if the Allies hadn’t cracked the Enigma code or the Nazis had developed the atomic bomb first. Turn the page to explore these fascinating and frightening WWII alt-history scenarios and many more.

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