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Message from the Editor

Guitar World has been an integral part of the guitar community since 1980. Since our very first issue, weve created content for people just like us and just like you a massive, interconnected family of guitarists of all levels, genres and styles. GW has earned an unparalleled reputation for the absolute best artist-based guitar coverage in the world, featuring and interviewing hundreds (or more?) of legendary guitarists, from B.B. King to Eddie Van Halen to Stevie Ray Vaughan to Randy Rhoads. Some of the greats have even been GW columnists, and we still provide at least two pro-guitarist columns per issue, along with columns by the venerable Jimmy Brown and Andy Aledort. Whether you're into Tosin Abasi or Molly Tuttle, you'll learn the technique secrets of the world's best players in our pages in lessons backed by high-quality video and highly accurate TAB. Our entertaining, informative gear reviews continue to inspire the world's gear choices everything from guitars, pedals and amps to software, accessories and beyond and our song transcriptions (guitar and bass!) are among the most respected in the world. Written and edited by trusted, experienced guitar journalists whose work is known and loved the world over, GW enriches and deepens your appreciation of all things six-stringed (and seven-, eight- and 12-stringed!), exploring the heritage, craft and beauty of the guitar throughout its loud and proud history.

Damian Fanelli, Editor Guitar World

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