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ImagineFX presents: How to Paint and Draw

In this special edition from ImagineFX magazine, top artists share their techniques and advice on how to create great art, whether you’re using oils, acrylics, watercolours, gouache, pencils, ink or more. 
We start by refreshing the fundamentals of drawing and sketching, from the different ways to grip a pencil to how to draw and combine shapes. From there, we’ll lead you through more advanced tips and techniques, from shading to basic anatomy. 
Then our focus switches to painting, from setting up a dedicated art workspace to the secrets of different paints. Are you using the right brushes and paper for the kind of art you wish to create? 
We delve deeper into art theory, taking a look at how to use perspective, the rule of the thirds and the Golden Ratio to bring your art to the next level. Then professsional artists take you through their projects and explain how they created them. You’ll learn some invaluable tips and secrets along the way. Enjoy!

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