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The Amiga Book Third Edition

What's Inside?

Love the Amiga? Then you'll love our fantastic bookazine. Discover the creation of classic Amiga games, read about your favourite Amiga developers, and discover the best games to collect. This new Edition includes new guides to some of the Amiga's biggest games, including Lemmings, Walker, Hired Guns and more.
In this bookazine...
Celebrate Commodore's amazing Amiga with our essential bookazine
Essential games
- We go behind the scenes of Super Cars, Shadow Of The Beast and many more Amiga classics
Your favourite developers
- Discover in-depth articles on Sensible Software and Team 17
Informative features
- Our exhaustive articles look at how the Amiga defined a generation
The experts speak
- Industry legends share their Amiga experiences
Also inside
- Amiga 500 History
- Amiga 500 Perfect 10
- Amiga 500 And The Rest…
- Amiga 1200 History
- Amiga 1200 Perfect 10
- Amiga 1200 And The Rest…
- Amiga CD32 History
- Amiga CD32 Perfect 10
- Amiga CD32 And The Rest…
- Ultimate Guide To Lemmings
- Retro Revival: Eye Of The Beholder 2
- Classic Moments: Syndicate
- Making Of: Super Cars
- The Art Of Amiga
- Retro Revival: Rainbow Islands
- The Making Of: Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe
- The History Of Shadow Of The Beast
- The Big Feature: Resurrecting Putty Squad
- Retro Revival: Supremacy
- The Big Feature: Cinemaware
- The Making Of The Secret Of Monkey Island
- Retro Revival: Zool 
- The Big Feature: Sensible Software
- Classic Moments: Flashback
- The Making Of Hired Guns
- The Big Feature: Team 17
- The Making Of Pinball Dreams
- The Big Feature: Top 25 Amiga Games
- The Making Of: Jet Strike
- Classic Moments: Moonstone A Hard Days Knight
- The Big Feature: The Amiga Demoscene
- Retro Revival: Turrican
- Classic Moments: Ruff 'N' Tumble
- The Making Of: Walker
- The Big Feature: Scumm Origins
- Classic Game: Simon The Sorcerer
- The Making Of Worms
- Retro Revival: Alien Breed Special Edition ’92
- Amiga 500 Collector's Guide

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