What's Inside?

In an age of smart phones, tablets and computers that are too intelligent for their own good it seems strange in a world where we have imagined smartwatch technology for decades, that it is finally becoming a reality. So if you have ever fancied feeling like James Bond, now is your time. This book covers all the essential apps you need on your Android Wear.
In this bookazine...
Includes in-depth guides to all of the essential Android Wear apps
The ultimate guide to Android Wear
- Learn all there is to know about your Wear device
The best watch faces
- Customise your watch face
Fitness & Health
- Keep track of your health
Lifestyle & Productivity
- Make your daily life easier
Also inside...
Getting Started
- Set up your Android Wear watch
- Use the Android Wear app on your phone
- Display information on your watch with Google Now cards
- Control your life with voice commands
- Explore apps in Android Wear
- Track what is installed on your wear
- Master Android Wear quick settings
- Adjust your settings
- Set up Google Fit
- Download new faces
- Change your watch face every single day
- Track your battery usage
- Use a mini launcher
- Keep track of your phone
- Search using your voice
- Set an alarm on your watch
- Take a screenshot
Lifestyle & Productivity
- Make a call on the phone 
- Accept or reject a call from your watch
- Send a text message 
- View your agenda on your Android Wear
- Check your schedule
- Adjust volume with your Wear device
- Set a countdown timer
- Be reminded by Google Now
- Save voice memos
- Take and view notes 
- Manage and create daily tasks 
- Receive task notifications
- Send email on your watch 
- Manage Gmail straight from your wrist
- Automate with actions
- Record audio messages
- Plan a journey 
- Get directions home on your wear device
- Locate your car  with ease
- Check your regular commutes
- Organise your train commute
- Send friends your location 
- Keep track of your reservations 
- Track the weather changes
- Take photos using your Android Wear
- Read the news on your device
- Relay recipes to your Android Wear
- Calculate the right gratuity tip amount
- Use your watch as a universal remote 
Health & fitness
- Monitor with Google Fit
- Track your daily steps
- Measure your daily exercise
- Reach your exercise targets
- Earn motivating fitness badges
- Improve your concentration
- Log your fitness progression
- Monitor and upload your fitness data
- Keep time when you exercise
- Up your fitness
- Follow your trek route
- Workout in seven minutes
- Find nearby activity trails
- Ensure you stay hydrated
- Watch your alcohol intake
- Eat well and lose weight
- Set timers and intervals with your watch
- Improve your sleeping patterns
Social & Entertainment
- Contact your friends from your watch
- Find your pinned locations
- Say hello to your friends
- Research with Attopedia
- Keep updated with fun topics
- Manage your SMS texts
- Talk to friends on the go
- Control tracks with Google Play Music
- Listen to music on the go with Play Music
- Enjoy podcasts on your watch
- Listen to your favourite shows
- Keep in time when playing music
- Learn a new language 
- Map constellations in the night sky
- Find new apps to suit your interests
- Let your watch make the decisions
- Tackle difficult games
- Play against your friends
- Achieve high scores
- Add to your gaming strategy
- Optimise your G Watch with an exclusive custom ROM
- Play retro games on Android Wear
- Change vibration strength
- Redesign a ROM
- Automate Wear with Tasker
- Enable developer options for flexibility
- Create your own watch faces
- Optimise your G Watch with a Custom ROM
- Install hundreds of Android apps
- Take more control with Gohma

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