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Published 1st March 2018UK cover price is £9.99, overall price above includes shipping costs.There are some crimes that stay with you forever. Not because of their gruesome nature, their high body counts or their despicable perpetrators, but because, despite all the efforts of investigators, they remain unsolved. Packed with crime scene photos, maps of killers’ hunting grounds and suspicious suspects, the world’s most notorious unsolved crimes are featured within these pages.The most notorious unsolved crimes- Inside the investigations of the most shocking crimesSister Cathy Cesnik- Who murdered the well-loved nun and teacher?Madeleine McCann- The most sensational child abduction caseIn-depth insights- Interviews with investigators, crime scene photos, detailed illustrations and moreAlso inside... - Tylenol poisonings- Tupac Shakur- Notorious B.I.G.- Jack the Ripper- The murder of God's banker- Antwerp diamond heist- JonBenét Ramsey- The Highway of Tears- Alexander Litvinenko- The Black Dahlia- Ciudad Juárez femicides- Beaumont children- The Monster of Florence- Michael Rockefeller- DB Cooper- America’s unknown child- The da Vinci theft- Jill Dando- Isabella Gardner Museum heist- Who killed Sister Cathy Cesnik? - Annecy murders- Tamam Shud- Long Island serial killerPage Count: 164

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