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Published 29th March UK cover price is £9.99, overall price above includes shipping costs. This book celebrates some of history’s greatest minds, whose intelligence and perseverance has helped shape the modern world. Among others, you will encounter brilliant mathematicians, celebrated scientists and photography pioneers. Get an insight into their careers and grasp the innovative spirit and determination required to change the course of history.In this bookazine... Meet the inventors- Get to know the men and women whose ingenuity shaped the modern worldDiscover the gadgets- Uncover the significance of history’s most important technological developmentsAmazing images- Witness early designs and understand the inner workings with informative diagramsHistorical artefacts- Follow the process of invention and discovery via historical documents and notesAlso inside...- 10 inventions that changed the world - Archimedes- al-Jazar- Johannes Gutenberg- Leonardo da Vinci- Hans Lipperhey- Cornelius Drebbel- Benjamin Franklin- James Watt- Nicéphore Niépce- Richard Trevithick- Michael Faraday - Charles Babbage - Joseph Lister- Alfred Nobel- Karl Benz- Thomas Edison- Alexander Graham Bell- George Eastman- Nikola Tesla- Auguste and Louis Lumière- Wilbur and Orville Wright- Guglielmo Marconi- Carl Bosch- Vladimir Zworykin- Juan de la Cierva- Wernher von Braun- Alan Turing- Gertrude Elion- Tim Berners-LeePage Count: 164

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