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The Digital Video Book
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What's Inside?

Published 26th July 2018UK cover price is £12.99, overall price above includes shipping costs. 
There was a time, not so long ago, when film and video making was left solely to the professionals – the kit was hefty and cameras came with large price tags. However, the advances in technology over recent years have made video production more accessible than ever before. Whether you are a DSLR, CSC or professional video camera user, The Digital Video Book has something for you. Discover what kit you’ll need in order to embark on your first shoot – from the camera itself to supports, lighting and more. Find out how best to approach your pre-production, learn how to location scout, get more creative with your camera and master post-production too. If that wasn’t enough we’ve explored the main film genres to help you develop your very own distinctive style; including film noir, horror, western, war and sci-fi. If the real world is more your thing, we’ve also looked at how to shoot a wedding, wildlife and how to make a documentary. So pick up your camera, grab your shot list and start making your video today!
Inside you'll find:
- Introduction to digital video
- Buyer’s Guide 
- DSLRs for filmmaking
- Mirrorless cameras primed for videography
- High-end video cameras
- Get that unique angle with an action camera or drone
- Light it right
- Get the right audio for your video productions
- Add the right support to your videography setup
- The best bags, cases and rollers for videographers
- Archive forever: footage secure storage solutions
- Choose the right video workstation
- Mobile workstations
- Let’s get editing
- Techniques 
- The ultimate guide to pre-production
- Discover the best locations
- 10 ways to be more creative with the camera
- The secrets of great composition
- How to achieve great lighting
- Get the sound right
- Colour in movies
- More than just fixing it in post
- Advanced techniques Film school
- How to make a documentary
- How to shoot a wedding
- How to make film noir
- How to make war films
- How to make a budget sci-fi masterpiece
- How to make a western
- How to make a horror
- How to shoot wildlifePage Count: 180

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