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Just got your first Nikon camera? Or looking to buy one soon? Maybe you’re just hoping to improve your camera skills and get back to basics. Nikon for Beginners is a 180-page guide containing everything you need to know to get to grips with your Nikon DSLR and take better pictures. Being good at the basics will help you improve quicker at the harder stuff as you progress later. We’ve included an in-depth guide to Nikon camera functions as well as informative explanations about settings and shooting technique. Learn to capture stunning landscapes, perfect portraits and sharper shots. Follow our in-depth step-by-step tutorials on everything from composition to simple studio setups, macro and so much more. If that wasn’t enough delve into our troubleshooting section where we identify common mistakes and how to fix them.
Inside you'll find:
- Quick guide to Nikon Cameras 
- The Nikon Manual 
 Discover how to use the features and settings on your Nikon DSLR
- Nikon crash course 
Get to grips with the fundamentals of photography
- 10 steps to stunning summer landscapes
 Follow our 10-step plan for your best landscapes ever 
- 37 top tips for portraits 
Master techniques guaranteed to improve your people photos 
- How to shoot sharper shots 
How you can improve your technique and bring the sharpness back
- Classics of composition 
Get down low with this quick botanical photography project 
- Hyperfocal focusing 
How to shoot a landscape 
- Shoot wide open 
Capture scenes creatively using a shallow depth of field
- Master long exposures 
Use neutral density filters to extend your exposure for beautiful blurred motion 
- Polarise the light Increase contrast and darken skies 
Get sharper shots when the light is low Get razor-sharp shots in low light 
- Exposure compensation 
Use exposure compensation to help in tricky lighting conditions 
- Bracket your exposures 
Taking three different exposures of the same scene for a spot-on exposure
- Follow the sun 
Chart the position of the sun to give your landscapes the edge
- Play with traffic 
Transform passing vehicles into glorious streaks of colour 
- Shoot a bug’s eye view 
Get a unique view of nature 
- Shift a building 
Get to grips with a tilt-shift lens’s shift function 
- Get started with studio lights 
Setting up a simple home studio 
- Use your built-in HDR mode 
Boost the tonal range of high-contrast environments 
- Master mono seascapes 
Make a robust, mobile, macro lighting studio that fits into your hands 
- Use a GOBO 
Make your own creative lighting 
- Clean your DSLR 
How to clean your camera and lenses, preventing issues when you’re shooting
- Capture crisp close-ups 
How to get macro shots that pop with a crisps can and some tissue paper 
- Let it glow 
Combine flash and ambient light to capture vibrant images 
- Convey thrilling action 
Take your rally pictures to pole position 
- Make a splash 
The skills you need to capture a water drop photograph 
- Compose landscapes 
Composition altechniques to make your landscape images really sing 
- Mountains by moonlight 
How to capture stunning scenes with lunar light 
- Shoot paint drops 
Capture swirling paint patterns as they unfold 
- Urban architecture 
Slow down time by using ND filters 
- Take a shot in the dark 
How to find the best light, or create your own
- Improve exposure 
How to use the Light panel effectively in Lightroom CC 
- Transform and boost colour 
A walkthrough of the revamped and powerful Color panel 
- Master the Effects and Detail panels 
Drastically improve the results of your hazy shots 
- Watermark your images 
Protect your photos by adding watermarks 
- Explore Photoshop’s creative brush tips 
Enhance your creative projects with natural-looking brush strokes 
- Turn a dull landscape into mono masterpiece 
Transform your landscapes into beautiful black-and-white long exposures
- Sharpen your skills 
Apply creative sharpening in Photoshop CC
- 37 things photographers do wrong... and how to stop doing them 
Discover how to fix the most common photography problems, fast!

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