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Published 22nd November 2018UK cover price is £9.99, overall price above includes shipping costs. 
The Paleo Diet has increased in popularity in recent times for good reason: it works! Based on the simple concept that our diets should mimic those of our ancient ancestors, these protein-heavy, sugar-free meals are guaranteed to make you feel brighter and lighter. We’ve organised our meals into Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Desserts and Snacks to make meal-planning simple. And don’t be afraid to try these out on the whole family: from rich berry smoothies and delicious breakfast muffins to tuna steaks and pecan brownies – there’s something that will appeal to everyone.
Inside you'll find:
- Kiwi fruit shake 
- Berry smoothie 
- Summer breakfast 
- Portobello mushroom 
- Stack of waffles 
- Carrot muffins 
- Frittata with mushrooms 
- Blueberry pancakes 
- Omelette with asparagus and tomatoes 
- Fresh fruit salad 
- Smoked eggs 
- Tomato bake with eggs
- Grilled mackerel 
- Salmon en papillote 
- Lobster claw with lime 
- Seafood salad 
- Mussels in white wine 
- Cod fillet 
- Tuna steak 
- Chicken satay 
- Grilled chicken wings 
- Chicken coconut curry 
- Turkey stir fry 
- Montreal salsa chicken 
- Lemon roast chicken 
- Chicken with oranges 
- Pork curry 
- Cutlets with ratatouille 
- Ham and pineapple 
- Pork knuckle goulash 
- Pork escalopes 
- Stuffed roast pork 
- Stuffed cabbage leaves 
- Stuffed courgettes 
- Stuffed beetroot 
- Stuffed aubergine 
- Meatballs in sauce 
- Roast racks of lamb 
- Fried lamb chops 
- Beef and vegetable stew 
- Pot roast and vegetables 
- Mediterranean steak 
- Meat and veg kebabs 
- Braised rabbit 
- Pheasant salad 
- Venison with quince and greens 
- Almond milk 
- Blueberry and papaya 
- Fruit skewers 
- Baked apples with honey 
- Banana soufflé 
- Summer berry salad 
- Nut and fig halves 
- Lychee and kiwi salad
- Grilled figs 
- Poached apples 
- Melon and papaya salad 
- Apple compote 
- Roasted mango halves 
- Raspberry sorbet
- Cherry biscuits 
- Quick and easy date biscuits 
- Banana and pecan bread 
- Brownies 
- Muffins with nuts, apples and cinnamon 
- Chocolate nut bars 
- Hazelnut cookies 
- Doughnuts with cinnamon sugar 
- Pecan brownies 
- Herb soup with poached egg 
- Chicken and vegetable soup
- Gazpacho 
- Clam chowder 
- Pumpkin soup 
- Radicchio salad 
- Broccoli salad 
- Green salad with chicken breast 
- Radish and Radicchio salad 
- Rocket salad with smoked duck breast 
- Carrot and courgette ‘spaghetti’ salad 
- Spinach salad and poached egg 
- Secret meatballs 
- Stewed peppers 
- Butternut squash with mushrooms 
- Courgette spaghetti 
- Guacamole with vegetable sticks 
- Baked vegetables with egg and caper salad 
- Asparagus and egg 
- Coconut prawns 
- Fried tuna with fennel 
- Avocado with prawns 
- Prawn and scallop ceviche on lettuce 
- Lettuce rolls with mayo 
- Salmon and sesame crust 
- Lettuce with chicken 
- Red tune and cherry tomato brochettes 
- Pork and pistachio terrinePage Count: 132

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