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Teach Yourself Studio Photography (2nd Edition)
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Published 10th October 2019UK cover price is £14.99, overall price above includes shipping costs. 
Studio photography is one of the most intimidating photographic pursuits. It requires you to not only be a master of your camera, but also have knowledge about lighting, setup and more. The results that can be achieved with a simple but solid studio setup can look impressively high-end and professional. Once you have mastered the basics, studio photography is effortless. The combination of considered and purposeful lighting together with great subjects and a decent camera is pure magic. Teach Yourself Studio Photography will guide you through all of the essential kit that you need in order to make your studio work – from lighting and backgrounds to powerful workstations for seamless editing. Delve into our jam-packed features and discover what to consider when setting up a home studio, learn more about professional studios and find out how to shoot like a pro too. If that wasn’t enough, we look at how to shape the light, shoot the human form and capture stunning newborn imagery. To make sure your skills are up to scratch we’ve also included 12 in-depth shooting tutorials that will help you get creative in the studio, capture food, still life, stunning portraits and so much more. 
Inside you'll find:
- Studio Photographer’s Buyer’s Guide
Go behind the scenes of a pro studio and become an expert on essential kit
- Master home studio essentials
Build a home studio that works for you 
- Look inside a pro studio
Explore the day-to-day operations in a pro photographic workplace
- Shoot like a pro in the studio
Discover how to establish the best working practices 
- Share your studio space
Make the most of your studio by sharing it 
- Learn how to shape the light
Master modifiers and take your studio lighting work to the next level 
- Family photography in the studio
Learn how to set up your studio and create the best environment
- Discover the art of newborn photography
Take your baby portraits up a notch with posing and planning tips
- One light portraits
Master a simple setup for professional portraits
- Creative studio portraits
Capture dramatic portraits with top pro Jesse Wild
- Pro skills for lighting the body
Learn how to create artistic images of the body
- Shoot a shaggy dog story
Get more than just a snap of your furry friend 
- Shoot paint in motion
Learn to use sound to shoot liquids
- Shoot food in the studio with flash
A simple guide to shooting and editing food 
- Take home studio beauty portraits
Take beauty shots in an improvised home studio
- Shoot with stroboscopic flash
Capture movement in a creative way
- Product shots with one light
Capture pro shots with minimal kit
- Studio still life
Give still life shoots a modern twist
- Creative high-speed photography
Capture product images with the TriggerSmart
- Creative macro photography
Shoot incredible images of insects
- Create a high-contrast mono portrait
Shoot a timeless portrait
- Create sunshine in the studio
Add some warmth to your shots
- Learn to light a high-key portrait 
Set up and shoot a vibrant image
Page Count: 196

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