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Published 20th February 2020
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Lionised in both historical records and epic fantasies, knights have come to represent the ideal of everything a warrior should be; brave, fair, just and always ready to defend the weak. But how much do we really know about these fabled fighters? Where did the concept of chivalry and knighthood come from? What did it take to become a knight? And were all of them really such noble and honest men? In Everything You Need To Know About Knights, you’ll explore the origins of the knight, discover how they trained for war and examine the weapons and armour they relied on. You’ll then meet the fearsome figures who shaped the Medieval period, including warriors such as Richard the Lionheart and the Black Prince. Then it will be time to step onto the blood-soaked battlefields of Europe, from the frozen lakes of Russia to Agincourt and Towton, the most deadly battle in the history of England.
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