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Teach Yourself RAW in Photoshop 2015 DVD

Learn how to use Adobe’s professional-level raw file editor to make amazing prints from your photos. 
To get the best image quality from your SLR or compact system camera, you need to shoot in the raw image format. Raw files contain much more detail in the scene compared with a simple JPEG, and provide far more flexibility to adjust contrast, colour and exposure at the editing stage.
Photoshop experts George Cairns and James Paterson present a series of video lessons that reveals the key image-processing techniques used by professional photographers using Adobe Camera Raw.
1. Introducing the Camera Raw editor
(a) Raw versus JPEG: which is the better format?
(b) Introducing the Camera Raw panels
(c) Introducing the Camera Raw toolbar
(d) Master preferences and workflow settings
(e) A typical Camera Raw workflow
2. Camera Raw basic editing
(a) Introducing the Magnifier and Grab tools
(b) Use the Histogram to assess exposure
(c) Batch process your raw files
(d) Improve colour and tone locally
(e) Resize and save your processed raw files
3. Fix photo problems
(a) Improve image composition
(b) Improve the tonal quality of your photos
(c) Improve image colours with the Basic panel
(d) Remove unwanted spots and marks
(e) Remove atmospheric haze
4. Essential corrections
(a) Reduce unsightly image noise
(b) Correct lens distortion and vignetting
(c) Correct perspectival distortion
(d) Recreate in-camera picture styles
(e) Sharpen up your images
5. Improve tones
(a) Improve exposure and contrast
(b) Adjust highlights and shadows
(c) Improve tones with curves
(d) Dodge and burn with the Adjustment Brush
(e) Reproduce the solarisation effect
6. Improve colour
(a) Understand white balance
(b) Create spot-colour special effects
(c) Selectively adjust colour saturation
(d) Enhance colours in portraits
(e) Recreate the cross-processed look
7. Selective adjustments
(a) The Adjustment Brush tool
(b) Enhance plain-looking skies
(c) Mask areas for selective edits
(d) Make selective white balance adjustments
(e) Focus attention on your subject
8. Get the look
(a) Convert your photos to black and white
(b) Apply the split-tone effect to your mono images
(c) Reveal fine detail using Clarity
(d) Create HDR images
(e) Create a panorama
9. Creative effects
(a) Create retro special effects
(b) Make stunning portraits using Camera Raw
(c) Turn a daytime scene into a night photo
(d) Master tonality in your monos
(e) Multi-process raw files
10. Advanced tips & tricks
(a) Share your processed raw files
(b) Process JPEGs in Camera Raw
(c) Open a raw file as a Smart Object
(d) Save time with custom raw presets
(e) Correct distortions with a lens profile
*DVD-ROM works on Windows PCs and Macs 

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